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About Us

"Let Us Floor You With Our Service"

Florama Carpet Discount Center is a family owned business that has been serving the Tri-State area since 1956. We offer sales, installation and service for carpet, hardwood, laminates, tiles, vinyl and specialty flooring. Our work is guaranteed by both product and company warranties. With over 57 years in the flooring business we have extensive experience in all aspects of flooring. Our quality products and installations have made us a leading suppliers for installers,  contractors, home owners, real estate agents, designers and industrial executives. Florama Carpet Discount Center is one of the most competitive companies in the try-state area in terms of pricing & quality. We are unique, In the sense  that we work solely for the clients complete satisfaction. At Florama, it’s always done your way. Whether a home, business or industry, we’ll do it right the first time, So that we maximize savings that are then passed on to our customers, You!!! 

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Linoleum "Green" Facts :
Linoleum is made from all natural materials. 
As long as the sun shines, and the rain falls, Linoleum can be produced.Life-cycle assessment scores, show exceptional performance for Linoleum and it is nature that provides the great start by providing renewable raw materials.To produce Linoleum oxidized linseed oil (or a combination of oxidized linseed oil and tall oil) and rosin are mixed with the other raw materials to form linoleum granules, which are pressed onto a jute backing, making Linoleum sheets. These are then hung in drying rooms to allow them to cure and to acquire the required flexibility and resilience. To achieve maximum waste reduction all linoleum remnants are recycled back into the production process. All manufacturing takes place in accordance with ISO 14001 standards.The natural raw materials used to create Linoleum are available in abundance:

Linseed oil

Linseed oil, the most important raw material used to make linoleum, is obtained by pressing the seeds of the flax plant. In the past linseed oil was used as cooking oil, as well as for lighting. Tall oil, a recycled post-industrial by-product of the Kraft paper industry, is a resin based fatty acid. In combination with linseed oil, it optimizes the oxidation process in the production of linoleum.
Rosin, the binding agent in Linoleum and Artoleum, is tapped from pine trees, without affecting growth. Together with linseed oil, rosin gives Linoleum and Artoleum its strength and flexibility.Wood flour
Wood flour is used to bind the pigments and to ensure colorfastness. Linoleum and Artoleum thus keep their beautiful, vibrant colors throughout their lifespan. Another reason for using wood flour is that it helps to optimize a smooth surface. We have chosen not to use tropical hardwood flour but wood flour made from timber grown in controlled European forests, where every tree felled is replaced.
Cork flour
Cork flour is made by grinding the bark of the cork oak, which is grown around the Mediterranean. The bark is peeled every seven to ten years without affecting the tree's growth. Cork flour is used as a raw material in two of our products: Bulletin Board and Cork linoleum.
Limestone is found all over the world in enormous quantities. Very finely ground, it is a valuable ingredient of Linoleum and Artoleum.
The most beautiful colors are created by using ecologically responsible pigments that do not contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.
From the wide variety of materials available for making the floor covering's backing we prefer natural jute. The yarn for the webbing is spun from jute grown in India and Bangladesh. This also makes vital economic contributions to these developing countries.These raw materials are harvested or extracted with relatively little energy consumption. The main energy resource for the process is the sun. The plants and trees that supply linoleum's raw materials also contribute to the production of oxygen and the subsequent reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thus reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses present in the atmosphere.

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